a match made in heaven

1Today’s post is a great example of how the culture of a city affected the type choices that were made. Betty’s Boots is a store in downtown Nashville. This is a picture of the tiled entryway right before entering the store. While most people who look at this will think a girl ‘riding’ a guitar on top of a cowboy boot is the craziest thing ever, it actually fits in perfectly in Nashville, and even more perfectly on Broadway. Speaking of crazy:2That S is a little crazy if you ask me, but whatever. What WOULD be crazy is if Betty’s Boots was in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. It would be totally out of place and not fit in at all with the existing culture. What DOES fit perfectly in Sioux Falls is Kinney Shoes. This is a ghost sign that, like Betty, is at the entry way of what is now a gift shop. 3*Note to self: Improve on taking pictures that will be ‘pieced together’ at a later date. For real. This sucks.
I love the beating this E has taken:4
5Like Betty on Broadway, Kinney is also on the main street running through the downtown area. I can’t tell you how perfectly this fits the culture of the city:6If it’s true that opposites attract, then Kinney and Betty are a match made in heaven.


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