Manhole Monday: Disney

chris quinn disneyOur neighbors went to Disney World in Lake Buena Visat, Florida a couple of weeks ago. I enjoyed seeing pictures of their family doing all the traditional things that people do when they go there. When they got back, they showed me a couple of other pictures they took which didn’t make the Facebook photo album. The above picture was one that was shown to me. I was expecting more shots of the kids swimming in the pool or riding roller coaster rides. It’s always shocking to me when {relatively} normal people ; ) who had zero interest in typography and never really noticed it, all of a sudden take notice because of my {slight} obsession. Not only of typography, but of manhole covers while on a family vacation in Disney World! WHAT?! Thanks Chris and Sheri for noticing this awesome manhole cover! I didn’t even realize until Chris pointed out to me that the mouse ears in the middle are inside the letter D. Branding at its finest!


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