1Today’s post is comparing two different signs for two different types of transportation. I’m not gonna lie. I’ve never seen as many trains as I have seen in the past 3 years living in Ohio. I always saw trains in other states I have lived in but not like here. In Peninsula, a VERY small town about 15 miles from Akron, is the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad. We have yet to take a ride on it but I’m all for the signage. When I was in San Francisco, I was overwhelmed with the amount of cable cars. For people who live there, I imagine they are second nature like trains have become for me here. I loved hearing them go by and seeing the super fun illustrations on the signs advertising where they stop in the city.2This past summer, we were in Peninsula when the train was loading people for the tour. I was able to snap this picture of the front side of the train. While in San Francisco, also this past summer, while the cable car was loading people to take them where they needed to go, I was able to snap this picture of the side of the car.


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