Manhole Monday: city specific

pairIt’s Manhole Monday! It has been very interesting to do these posts each Monday. It is amazing to see how something as ‘insignificant’ as a manhole cover can vary. Before I started really researching and studying them, I always thought of them as those ugly round things in the middle of the street. I have found that they are actually really beautiful and some of them carry significant information to the region or city they live in. The two covers in this post were both found in the middle of a sidewalk and what I love about them, besides their tricked out diamond pattern, is that they are specific to the city they are in. Orlando, Fla and Alamo which of course references the great city of San Antonio. See any that are specific to your city? Take a picture and tweet it to me @nikki_vz to be featured in an upcoming Manhole Monday post!


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