if apostrophe’s could model…

1So you are probably looking at the above pairing thinking “I can’t see anything”, “What’s going on in these pictures?” or “Is there even type in there?!”. I was thinking all of those things as I was putting this post together, as well as “That’s a lot of brown!”. Zooming in on the picture taken in Columbus is this:
2I was (once again) in a back alley. I saw this sign and thought the type treatment for The Mall Cafe was so ridiculous. Three different type treatements for 3 words?! Seriously. As I scanned the sign, I see even more type treatments and then I couldn’t care less about anything in the world when I saw this: 3Look at that apostrophe!!! It’s like seeing a supermodel married to a less than attractive person. How did that apostrophe end up on this sign?! I guess it’s what inside that counts.
Moving on to my picture from Syracuse. Ghost sign on top of ghost sign! Score! I zoomed in on what I think is an A and above it all I can make out is Commercial Level:4Above it is this:5The Lafayette Building. As far as I’m concerned, the apostrophe totally makes this sign. The letters didn’t even have to move to make her fit, the perfect placement:6That’s star power right there.


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