Manhole Monday: solid gold

1This blog is closing in on being 3 years old (dang!). My main goal when I began posting in July of 2011 was, selfishly, to be an outlet for my love of typography. I vowed that the day this became a chore or I dreaded doing a post, I’d pull the plug. I’m closing in on 3 years of writing 5 days a week and I still look forward to posting everyday. There have been so many wonderful opportunities that have come out of this {crazy} passion of mine that I’m so grateful for. One of my favorite sources of inspiration from this blog have been the typographic partnership. It has been so interesting to share pictures of typography from all over the world that I would have no way of having otherwise. I have learned so much from these pictures but more importantly, it has given me the support and encouragement to keep on going. The majority of the pictures that I receive are from other designers/typographers that have the same eye as me. But every once in a while I get a picture from someone I least expect…like my neighbor! Not only was it a picture of type, it was a MANHOLE COVER! What the what?! Thanks so much Rich for reading my blog and thinking to take this awesome picture! A manhole cover with a city name is solid gold to me because they are unique to the city they are in. I paired Rich’s picture with one I took while I was in New Haven.


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