office ghostsign redux

One of the best things about having to move to a state I had never step foot in before is that it has forced me to really look at everything with fresh eyes. During my first letterhunting trip in downtown Cleveland, I passed by this hand painted sign on glass and thought it was so beautiful:
Since it is located on a very busy street, I imagine that hundreds of people walk by it everyday and probably never look twice at it, if even at all. It is such a part of their daily life that it probably goes unnoticed. Exactly 6 months after taking this picture, I was archiving photos from another visit to Cleveland I had just taken and realized I took the exact same picture…again:

1 I have lived in Ohio for 3 years and I try as hard as I can to still see my surroundings with fresh eyes. I encourage you to do the same.

It’s the weekend! Back at it on Monday!

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