double rail mounted awesomeness

pairFor today’s post, I’m pairing two different double rail mounted signs. Thanks to Jordan Romanoff for sharing his picture taken in Hollywood with me. Even though the mounting system is similar for both of these signs, I think it’s so interesting to see how different the letters are handled. Here’s some interesting history on the sign from Hollywood (via Wikipedia):

Between 1987 and 1998, the Cinematheque presented its programs at a variety of venues including the Directors Guild of America theater and the Raleigh Studios complex in Hollywood. In 1998 it opened its own permanent home in Hollywood – and in 2004 added a second theater in Santa Monica. It now presents festivals, retrospectives and assorted programs at these two theaters. Grauman’s Egyptian Theatre is the fabled Hollywood movie palace built in 1922 by legendary showman Sid Grauman (four years prior to opening his equally-famous Chinese Theatre.) It was the location of Hollywood’s first-ever movie premiere in 1922. In 1998 the American Cinematheque completed a major $12.8 million renovation that restored the theatre’s exterior to its original glory – and added new film, video and audio technology. The Cinematheque has been presenting its programs there since December 1998.

Here’s a close up of the typography from the picture I took in Richmond:

1I thought this said Beuy-Burk but after doing some research I found out it says Berry- Burk. Those are some funking r‘s that want to join forces to become a u, right?! Here’s some history on the building (via

The building had previously been the home of The Berry Burk Company, which was a long-time Richmond men’s and women’s clothing retailer. The four-story building is listed as a contributing resource to the Grace Street Commercial Historic District. Originally designed by the Richmond firm of Baskervill/Lambert, the building was constructed in 1926 in the Renaissance-Revival style. The fourth story and the entablature are decorated with lush carvings and polychromed in brilliant shades and blue, red, and gold. The Grace Street entrance features a richly- carved architrave on the first story with a two-story arch above that is crowned by a shield featuring a formally-attired gentlemen in a top hat. The original illuminated sign remains on the top of the building.

My last post of 2013! Back at it next year!

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