pairNo, I have never been to court (yet)…but I have walked by quite a few courthouses. Like other businesses, I think it’s neat to see how the typography is handled from city to city. I kinda got the creeps walking by the courthouse in Orlando…that’s where the trial for Casey Anthony went down. Here’s a zoomed out picture:
1…and zoomed in:
2That’s as close as I ever care to be to a courthouse.

My speaking engagement with AIGA Orlando was held in the old court house (now the history center). The room where Ted Bundy was tried has been left as it was. In the picture below, this is where the judge sat during the trial (and Ted Bundy’s view), the bottom picture is where Ted Bundy sat. He carved his name into the courthouse table. That corner of the table is now covered with plastic to protect it.

bundyWho’s got the creeps now?!


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