Throwback Thursday: holy red cursive lettering!

One of my favorite posts. Originally posted on November 6, 2012:
This is one of those pairings that gets me all hot and bothered inside. And I mean that in the best way possible. What.

Both of these type treatments have such a story to tell and I’m totally listening. I lived in Columbia, SC for 9 years and Pecknel Music was around for as long as I can remember. I love these letters. They each have such a strong personality they couldn’t possibly be joined together. It’d be too overwhelming. So, they stand alone. That k is out of control. All she’s missing is a string of pearls around her neck and she’ll be ready to hit the town. That 2nd e looks a bit lonely but the l is right there lending a hand. Here’s a close up:

Carroll is a sad story. This sign is attached to an abandoned building in downtown Akron. This is one of those pictures I drove by, slammed on my brakes, turned into the parking lot and took the picture. I can’t believe how beautiful these letters are. Here’s me getting all up in their business:

Unlike Pecknel, Carroll is happily connected and loving life. Not sure what’s going on with that 2nd l. He seems to be falling a bit. Poor guy. Such beautiful typography.

See any beautiful type in your city? Tweet me @nikki_vz and your pictures will be used in an upcoming post!


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