unexpected finds

While it is always great to stumble upon beautiful neon signs, stainless steel typography and graffiti, there is something to be said for the unexpected typographic find. It’s like found money or thinking you don’t have a box of Nerds® but realizing not only do you have a box but it is completely full! Ahhhh, such a great feeling. Anyway, I was in Atlanta, Georgia last year and happened to be standing next to these beauties as I was waiting to cross the street. I think they are awesome:
5As awesome as those are, they don’t come close to this. A poem on a piece of steel nailed to a telephone pole in downtown Orlando, Florida. what WHAT?!

My Bicycle Has A Cherry Apple Arrow
And A Man Yells You Are Not A Car
And I Yell Fuck Off Faggot Evil
I Confess To You
My Brothers And Sisters
And Then I Am Aware
I Need To Stop
On The Bike Trail
Now And Secluded
And You Would Not Believe
The Dignity
Standing There

Alrighty then!


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