graffitiweek: current events

pairIt’s #graffitiweek — one whole week devoted to street art! My theme to post side by side comparisons (or contrasts!) from different parts of the world is the same, it just has a very specific focus for one week. So, I’m kicking off #graffitiweek (yep, hashtag it!) in style with these dudes. Big thanks to Amelie Exton for sharing her picture taken in Tel Aviv. Her picture was another #FontSunday find that I thought made a perfect match with the guy I found in a back alley (what) in Syracuse. I think it’s the colors in Amelie’s picture that make me think these guys are hanging out in a coffee shop discussing today’s current events. There’s even a coffee cup left on the street to complete the scene. Sometimes littering pays off! I am curious about the collar (?!) around homeboy’s neck and why his friend is rolling his eyes while the dude in Syracuse is looking on in agreement. Two pieces of art from two different parts of the world that have no business being side by side but in my head, on this blog, it makes perfect sense.

See any awesome street art in your city? Take a picture and tweet it to me @nikki_vz to be featured in an upcoming #graffitiweek post.


2 responses to “graffitiweek: current events

  1. The guy on the right with the collar is on the computer, so maybe he’s “working like a dog” 🙂 Enjoyed the start of graffiti week!

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