chinatown lovin’

When I was in San Francisco earlier this year, I was determined to carve out some time to visit Chinatown. Thanks to my best HOWie bud, Keith Smith, we made the trek together. When I lived in New York City, I passed through the Chinatown there and was always amazed by how a few blocks could be transformed into feeling like you are in another country. I don’t remember the signs being anything spectacular, I just remember being fascinated with everything that they were trying to sell. So, I expected the same experience in San Francisco.
Ummm, no.
I took a ton of pictures in the short time I was there. These are just the neon signs in Chinatown. Get ready to have your typographic hat blown off your head.
bakery 1
bakery 2
bakery 3
city of hong kong 1
cocktails 1
cocktails 2
great wall restaurant
house of beauty 2
radio tv
street view 1
street view 2
the art coI can’t even.
I’m feeling the urge for some street art! Next week will be another installment of #graffitiweek — a whole week devoted to graffiti. It’ll be a party. Happy weekend!


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