Throwback Thursday: 8ight :: 4our

This post was originally published on August 31, 2011:
In keeping up with the number theme this week, these are probably my two favorite number pictures. I look at both of these and they just make me happy. The picture from Tequis was taken right down the cobblestone street from Monday’s 3. It’s like they are trying to one up each other with the most tricked out address displayed on a concrete wall. As much as I love Monday’s 3, these 8’s are beyond awesome. The hand painted 8 wasn’t good enough. The home owner had to take it up a notch and put not only quotes (so cute!) around the number but a period (this is serious) and underline (really serious!). I love that the underline and the period is the same weight as the number. They could have stopped there since the 8 clearly marks the residence but they had to go the extra mile with the circle peep hole cut outs to mimic the painted number on the wall. perfection

In the heart of downtown Cuyahoga Falls is a cross-street that is only accessible by foot. Restaurants, shops and fairs (on the weekends) keep this walkway busy with people. It seems team 4 & co. has moved to Akron and left this sign behind. If it were my office, that’d be the first thing I would take! Look how perfectly team is tucked in and the right on alignment of the words underneath. & co, inc. get’s a little clumsy but as a whole, somehow it all works. The elements have done a number (ha) on this sign but I think that makes it more beautiful.

See any typography that’s blog worthy in your area? Take a pic and send it in!


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