fenced in

cali hrant papazian LAI happened to glance at the profile background picture of my twitter friend Hrant Papazian (@hhpapazian) and did a silent OMG. I fired off a ‘pretty please’ tweet so I could use it on my blog and he was nice enough to give me the OK. BIG thanks to Hrant for sharing his picture of such a beautiful sign. This is the once neon Californian Hotel sign from the 1920s which is now fenced in at the bottom of a hill. Fenced in, like a wild animal at a zoo.
I love this detailed picture that he took. I think if I saw this sign in person, this would be the exact shot that I’d take:
cali hrant papazian LA 2
Here are some more shots of the sign. What a beauty.

On a completely unrelated note, I’ll be spending today in Salem, OH letterpressing with the awesome peeps at the Cranky Pressman. If you are ever in need of letterpress work, I highly recommend them.

It’s the weekend!


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