window shopping

pairI don’t like to shop. Much like the illusive ‘bride’ gene (we got married in the living room of my parents house with 2 weeks notice) and the ‘let’s go get our nails done’ gene (i can count on one un-manicured hand how many times that has happened), I’m also missing the ‘shopping’ gene (boo hoo). What I do have in their place though is the nerdy love for typography and I’m just fine with that. My version of a day well spent is walking around a city investigating what makes a city unique. Here are two examples of some mighty fine window shopping that I proudly took part in. That b in Atlanta almost went unnoticed. Almost. I think the post-it Pac Man in San Francisco is so awesome and gives that building such a neat vibe. Here are some close ups:

pair 1
pair 3 Ask me to go for a spa day and I’ll deck you.
Ask me to go letterhunting and we’ll be best friends for life.


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