apostrophe dream land

I came across Lex’s in Richmond’s Carytown. Anyone who knows me knows I don’t do swirls or all caps italics. I just don’t. That awning. Those hand painted blocks/swirls next to the letters. What were they thinking?!
I had to zoom in to cut out the crazies (words to live by, by the way). What I thought was interesting was how they handled the apostrophe. I have seen an apostrophe wreak havoc on signs and it’s not pretty. I would have liked to see the apostrophe have a box to itself but that’s just me off in apostrophe dream land. I do like how someone took the time to give this one a drop shadow and make it fit so perfectly around the curve of the S.
2This is one side of the sign hanging outside the front of the store:
3This is the other side of the same sign. They pulled the ‘ole swith-a-roo! Classy!
4It’s the weekend! Back at it on Monday!


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