Even though I have an obsession with typography, I’m not totally immune to other things that make a city unique. I have come across some pretty interesting sculptures while wandering around different cities. Here are some of the highlights:
Pittsburgh, PA:

pittsburg 1
pittsburgh 2
New Haven, CT:
Sioux Falls, SD:
sioux 1  soux 2This has a neat story. The eagle and the two Native American reliefs are sculpted of Indiana Limestone. They were once on the entrance to the original First National Bank building which was opened in May, 1929. In 1976, the present First Financial Center complex was completed. The First National Bank in Sioux Falls was established in 1885.
sioux 4
sioux 5
Syracuse, NY:syracuse 1
Syracuse 2I love receiving pictures from different cities — keep ’em coming! You can tweet them to me @nikki_vz or email them to


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