bar hopping

Today’s post is a collection of bar signs from several different states. I think it’s so interesting to see the different ways bar is handled in each of these signs. Cheers!
New Haven, CT:

new haven 1New York City:
Thanks to Mårten Thavenius for sending me this picture:
marten thavenius candlelight bar nyc
nyc 1
nyc 2
nyc 3
nyc 4Orlando, FL:
orlando 1
orlando 2San Antonio, TX:
san antonio 1
san antonio 2
san antonio 3
san antonio 4
san antonio 5Sioux Falls, SD:
south dakota 1
south dakota 2I’m drunk.

One response to “bar hopping

  1. Love these Nikki. I just finished installing work for a show my colleagues and I are having called “Independent Study”. The bar pictures here are the exact type of research that led to my pieces which are mainly vintage sign inspired cardboard works.

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