Today’s post are pictures of where letters used to be. The letters have come and gone but their ghosted shadows remain. Big thanks to Mike Holmes for sharing this picture taken in England:

mike holmes liverpool england

Liverpool, England
Mike Holmes

Pittsburgh, PA:

pittsburgh 1
pittsburghRichmond, VA:richmond 1
richmond 2
richmond 3San Francisco, CA:san franSyracuse, NY:syracuse 1Via Wikipedia: Sibley, Lindsay & Curr Company, known informally as Sibley’s, was a Rochester, New York-based department store chain with stores located exclusively in the state of New York. Their first storefront, often called “the Boston store” by locals, opened in 1868. The company was acquired by the Associated Dry Goods Corporation in 1957, which, in turn, was acquired by May Department Stores in 1986. The Sibley’s name was merged into May Company’s Kaufmann’s name in 1990. Most of its suburban locations, after converting to Kaufmann’s, became part of Macy’s by 2006. syracuse 2This is a ghost sign on the side of a building that has ghosted letters. As I approached the building, I saw this sign first. I think the wearing of the P and A in Company is just beautiful:
syracuse 3Detail shot:
syracuse 4In the picture below, you can see the ghost sign at the top. I was all about the ghost sign and the wearing of the letters until I walked around the building and spotted this:
syracuse 5Even though I’m vegetarian, hams bacon canned meats (where are the commas?!) have never looked so beautiful. OMG with the J:
syracuse 6Don’t even get me started. I can’t even:
syracuse 7Freakin’.Stud.Muffin. This is one of the most beautiful ampersand’s I’ve ever seen.


2 responses to “ghosted

  1. That John Morrell & Co sign is great. The original letters couldn’t have possibly looked as cool. Love that you were there for the early morning sun… made for some awesome shadows within the letters!

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