back street find

For my 1ne post today, I’m going with this sign advertising a salon that is on the back of a building in Richmond. Some of my most interesting pictures have come from taking the time to walk in back alleys or behind buildings. Most businesses don’t spend money on the upkeep so the signs are usually decomposing which makes for really interesting finds. Irvin’s is an example of that. This is a salon in Richmond’s Cary Town area. The other side of this building (the front) is on a very well kept street that has a lot of restaurants and shops. I’m glad I took the time to walk the back street to find this:
This is the most musical looking I I have ever seen. But, seeing how this is a salon, this is their stab at being ‘curly’ I assume.
3This was on the other side of the building:
4Walk the alleys. Totally worth it.

It’s the weekend! Back at it on (Manhole) Monday!


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