beautiful theatres

Since I was unable to attend TypeCon this year (boo), I actively followed along with the people who were there via social media. This wasn’t too hard to do since a good portion of my twitter feed is full of type nerds who were all there. One of my favorite pictures tweeted from the conference was this theater marquee from Kuan Luo (via Stephen Coles):


Portland, Oregon

Thanks Stephen for tweeting and Kuan for sharing your picture! I have never seen a Gu ligature before. Such a neat detail. I can’t help but look at the word Guild and think they are san serif letters dressing up for their big night on the town. They strapped their serifs on and made a go of it. I was curious to see what this marquee looked like lit up. I found this article from 2010 with a picture and I wasn’t disappointed. So beautiful with such a sad story. The Guild Theatre in Portland was originally opened as the Taylor Street Theatre in 1947. In 1948 it was changed to The Guild Theatre. It was renovated once in 1956 and in the summer of 2006, it closed.

I’m pairing The Guild Theatre with The Majestic Theatre I spotted in San Antonio, Texas:


San Antonio, Texas

Of course there’d be a massive truck parked right in front when I’m there to take a picture (ugh!). I hung around for a bit in the hopes it’d move or I’d find the keys and move it myself. No luck. Luckily, my friend Mårten Thavenius had taken a picture of the front without a truck blocking the view a year before I was there:
5This 3D type sits above the main entrance doors:
2The entryway:
3Detail from the marquee:
4The colors and the design of the marquee feel like they belong in San Antonio. This theatre was built in 1929, 18 years before The Guild Theatre and designed in a Spanish Mediterranean style. This National Historic Landmark is currently home to the San Antonio Symphony, the Broadway in San Antonio series, along with a wide variety of concerts and performing arts attractions.


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