paris in san antonio

This is one of my favorite finds while I was in Texas. Paris Hatters in San Antonio. This building really has it all. Here’s how it went down. I turned the corner and saw this:
I thoguht the vertical sign was badass so I crossed the street to get a better look at it:
2I had full intention of getting more shots of the red letters but was distracted by the black hand lettering. What are clean & block hats? This sign was obviously added after the company opened in 1917, hence the word also:
3This ampersand blew my mind. What a hottie:
4You can see two pictures up the neon sign in the window advertising stetson hats (only in texas!). Here’s a close up:
5Is that star supposed to be an apostrophe? And it has fallen? There’s a joke in there somewhere but I’m going to pass since it involves one of my favorite punctuation marks. Moving on, this is the bottom half of the window:
6Close up:
8These are the windows on the building:
11It’s the weekend! Back at it on Monday!


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