The liberty that people take with letterforms amazes me. I have come across some crazy over the years and, against my better judgement, I have felt the need to document them.

akron 1

Akron, Ohio

I don’t even know what is going on with that g. What a jerk. The dotting of the i‘s is just bullshit. Add that to the letters who can’t sit still and this makes for one effed up sign. I love Akron. Here’s a detail of the nonsense:

akron 2Ugh, gross! Moving on…The K at the top of this building caught my eye:

cleveland 2

Cleveland, Ohio

Here’s a detail shot of what the crazy K looks like:
cleveland 3I can’t pinpoint one specific thing that’s going on in this sign that sends me into a tailspin, so I’m just going to say it’s pretty much the whole thing:

Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

This one doesn’t look so bad:

lakewood 1

Lakewood, Ohio

Until you see the other half of it. This Y. Seriously?!

lakewood 2

Lakewood, Ohio

I’m not sure what he thinks he’s doing. Speaking of out of control y‘s:

san antonio 1

San Antonio, Texas


I can’t have a whole post of crazies. It’d make me go crazy. So, here is some sanity to balance it out:

cleveland 1

Cleveland, Ohio

That was a sign taken inside the West Side Market.
Big thanks to Eileen Ogg for sharing this awesome sign:

eileen Ogg restaurant in london

London, England
Eileen Ogg

That K is on a mission and the p is taking note.


Greenville, South Carolina

These letters are like supermodels. Beautifully tall and thin with curves in all the right places.
Big thanks to @hatprojects for taking this picture of the Jerwood Gallery sign.

Jerwood Gallery Jerwood by @hatprojects London

London, England

My friend Mårten Thavenius always takes amazing pictures throughout his travels. Here are a couple of his not so crazies:

marten thavenius character din daeng thailand

Din Daeng, Thailand
Mårten Thavenius

Marten Thavenius K prague czech republic

Prague, Czech Republic
Mårten Thavenius

Marten Thavenius O volterra italy

Volterra, Italy
Mårten Thavenius

3D letters done so well:

san antonio 2

San Antonio, Texas

The typography on the outside of this building is just amazing:

san fran 1

San Francisco, California

Here are some detail shots:

san fran 2

San Francisco, California

san fran 3

San Francisco, California

san fran 4

San Francisco, California

One of my favorite signs I’ve come across is from a funeral home <shocker>. I just love it:

sioux falls 1

Sioux Falls, South Dakota

sioux falls 2

Sioux Falls, South Dakota

This is their sign near the front door. Not nearly as great:

sioux falls 4

Sioux Falls, South Dakota

This is on the side of the building. The space between car and entrance….yeah…

sioux falls 5

Sioux Falls, South Dakota

I will end with my favorite picture:

sioux falls 3

Sioux Falls, South Dakota



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