dry cleaning

Some of my favorite posts to put together are comparing similar businesses from different cities. I think it’s so interesting to see how the signs vary. For today’s post, I took a deep dive into my collection and pulled together dry cleaning pictures. These first three are my favorite.
San Antonio, TX:

1 san antonioI love the graffiti surrounding this builing and the tricked out lettering for Laura:
2 san antonio…but what got my attention the most was the owl…because nothing says dry cleaning like…an owl?!
3 san antonioRichmond, VA:
4 richmondNeon lettering? You can hit me with that any day of the week and twice on Sunday’s as far as I’m concerned. I’m pissed I didn’t zoom in on that Open sign in the window:5 richmond
6 richmondLook at how tight the space is between the L, apostrophe and S in Bill’s in the sign above and then on the awning below where you can drive a tractor right through it:7 richmondSweet, sweet neon:8 richmondIn the awesome town of Cuyahoga Falls, OH lies this beauty:9 fallsAnd in the window are these two signs:
10 fallsHooray for random punctuation and shitty kerning!
11 fallsBecause all laundry is created equal…right?!


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