Well, I’m totally hung over today. Not from alcohol but from inspiration. As a designer, there is no better feeling. I’m so grateful for being able to attend the HOW Design Conference in San Francisco these past few days. I was able to attend some really awesome sessions as well as walk around the city and take lots of pictures. I’m looking forward to using them on my blog. Until then, here are some deli’s:

pairToday’s post are two deli’s in two different cities. The line up of shops is kind of an eye sore but the Cincy Deli saves the day. I saw the sign out front first and pulled over to take another picture:
1The sign over the door caught my eye and I was just love it:
2I’m totally digging the numbers at the top and the Ohio Lottery sign. Jackpot, indeed!
3Not to be outdone is the Virginia Deli. I can’t imagine this done any better. I love signs like these that are specific to the city or state they are in.

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