pairWhere would we be without drug stores? They are a staple in every city and I realized when I was putting this post together that I don’t have many pictures in my collection. I haven’t come across any that are very typographically interesting…until I came across these. While in San Antonio, I was surprised to see a Walgreen’s looking so vintage! Here’s a close up of the sign:1So much more fun that what is considered *new and improved* today. I was in Fredericksburg earlier this year on a business trip and was able to spend some time walking around the downtown area. This was one of my favorite finds from that day:
2I’m just going to say what we’re all thinking: That apostrophe might as well just grab a microphone and steal the show. It’s half way there already. For real:
3This downtown staple is home to the oldest running soda fountain in the nation. Since 1863, Goolrick’s has been serving up sodas in various flavors, from cherry to chocolate. The shop portion of the establishment features a pharmacy and an assortment of household goods.
4I love the way the paint is peeling off in between the neon:
5Beautiful detail:

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