bookstore beauty

So my *new* friend Alex Cooper posted this picture on Instagram (alxcooper) a few weeks ago:
This is John King Rare Books in Detroit, MI. I fell in love with it instantly. There’s so much awesome going on in this picture it’s hard to take it all in. What really got my attention was the top left. I asked Alex if it was a hand wrapping around the building or if it was graffiti. He said he thought it was a hand but that he’d be going back by the next day and will check. I’m not gonna lie. I anxiously waited to hear the verdict. As promised, this picture appeared the next day:
2Quite possibly the most beautiful bookstore I’ve ever seen. Thanks Alex!

I did some research on this building and it’s remarkable:

John K. King can thank the late Elsie Freitag for his success. Elsie was King’s guidance counselor in high school, and she was the one who steered him toward making his passion — buying & selling used books and antiques — his profession. By 1971, King had established his first store in Dearborn, Michigan, then, later, in Detroit’s Michigan Theatre Building in downtown Detroit. In 1983, King purchased the giant, abandoned, four-story Advance Glove factory building in downtown Detroit. (The 901 W. Lafayette building is as famous as the Michigan Theatre Building is infamous. It had long been rumored that the Advance Glove building had been picked up and moved in the late 1940s to make way for the freeway being built nearby. In 1994, a customer brought in proof: photographs from 1949 of the building being moved some 600 feet to its present location!).

It’s the weekend! Back at it on Monday!


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