restaurant signs

pairHere are some awesome restaurant signs for your Thursday. Yesterday’s is located in the heart of Five Points in downtown Columbia. Opened in 1976, they are known for their soul food and low key atmosphere. Here are some awesome signs from around the building (and yes, that is a dude bathing in a tub wearing nothing but a cowboy hat and boots above the door):

3I first learned of Bob’s from my speaking engagement in Sioux Falls. A picture of the sign was sent in and I thought it was just amazing. So, when I saw it in person, I had minor heart failure…but I manged to keep it together long enough to snap these pictures. Keep in mind, this is the *new* and *improved* sign:4Gah. Back to the sign out front:
7I have never heard the term Broasted before. I understand it is the way the meat is cooked. Even though I’m vegetarian, I’m embracing broasted. How could I not? LOOK AT IT:
8Originally called the “Pickle Palace”, the Bob’s building was built in 1944. During the mid 50’s, Bob had an Ace Signs put up the Bob’s Café sign, it became the main fixed lighted point before the airport. Pilots used the Bob’s sign as a focal point for lining up for their landing at the Sioux Falls airport.


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