pairHow beautiful are these banks?! I spotted North Akron Savings in the evening earlier this year and made a mental note that I needed to return during the day to document this amazing use of typography. If your money could have a party (on the bank’s dime), it would be here. There’s no hooking up going on here (look how far apart those letters are!) but they are definitely having fun. That S looks like he’s going to break his neck if he’s not careful:
1I was on my way to the airport to return home and drove by Syracuse Savings and was just amazed at the regal quality this building had. Unlike Akron Savings, your money will not be having a party here. It’s serious. Super serious:
4Owwwwww! I’ve never seen a B this sharp. Those S‘s look like they are under lock and key by that B. Loosen up, man!

Here’s some cool history on these two buildings:

North Akron Savings Bank was established in 1921 as the North Hill Savings & Loan Company and set up business at Chalker’s Landing in the North Hill area of Akron, Ohio. In 1926 it moved down the street to 729 North Main, and in 1951 it moved to its current location on Cuyahoga Falls Avenue.

Syracuse Savings Bank Building, also known as Bank of America building, is a historic building in Syracuse, New York designed by Joseph Lyman Silsbee, then aged 26. It was built in 1875 adjacent to the Erie Canal, and, at 170 feet tall, was the tallest building in Syracuse. It opened in 1876 as Syracuse Savings Bank. Its passenger elevator, the first in Syracuse, was a curiosity that drew visitors.


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