pairI remember taking this picture in Cuyahoga Falls, OH when we first moved here 2.5 years ago. What caught my eye about it was the fancy brick work around the concrete sign near the top of the building and the way apartment is abbreviated. This picture was taken before my blog was born, hence the crappy zoom:
1But, you get the idea. Pretty neat abbreviation, right? When I was in Syracuse, NY a few weeks ago I spotted this killer ghost sign as I turned a corner:
4I wanted to get a closer shot of it and see what they were doing to this building:

This building was constructed in 1899 for well-known Syracuse lawyer Henri Duquesnet Dillaye and designed by Syracuse architect Charles E. Colton. It has been known as the Wilson Building since 1943 when it was purchased by Wilson Jewelry. You can see some sweet tile work inside if you click here. As much as I love ghost signs, the typography over the front door might as well have hit me over the head:
2I was standing across the street in awe. I zoomed in and fell in love:

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