trespassing for letters

So here’s a fun story. While I was in Sioux Falls for my speaking engagement a few weeks ago, I had the privilege of being shown around by AIGA South Dakota board member Marisa TenBrink. Whenever someone offers to show me around, I have to warn them how I get when I’m letterhunting. If we’re in a car, I have no shame in reaching across the driver’s lap to take pictures–it can get REALLY awkward REALLY fast. I get super excited when I see signs and have a tendency to shout out which could cause slamming of the brakes or illegal u-turns. It’s awesome. Anyway…while in South Dakota, Marisa was driving me into town via the highway and we passed this:
I said ‘holy shit’ so Marisa took that as a cue that she needed to exit and let me take pics (thanks Marisa!). So she pulled into the parking lot and I got out to snap a few pictures of the signs:

2Marisa thought it’d be a good idea to go inside the office to ask permission to take pictures of the letters on the side of the building. The office was locked so I went into the (open) fenced in area and thought nothing of the DO NOT ENTER HARD HAT ONLY sign. Marisa stayed by her car. I stood in awe looking at these beautiful letters, snapped a few pictures and got a few comments from the construction workers.
As I was walking back to the car, an SUV was driving right towards me. The woman rolled down her window and asked for my name and who I was with. I told her that I’m in town for a typography talk and I’m just taking pictures of the pretty letters. She looked at me like I was high. Literally. She said I was trespassing and blah blah blah and you could get arrested. That’s all she had to say to get me back into the car and off the site in less than 20 seconds. I’d like to apologize to Marisa for almost getting us arrested for taking pictures…but man, so worth it:

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