pairToday’s post is a fun use of numbers that I have come across. Here’s a close up of some clever handiwork in Richmond: 1If your 3 goes missing, what would YOU do?! Random 3 to the rescue!
I have seen the 1/2 address a few times before. Here’s one from New Orleans and my story then remains the same now. I have yet to see a 3/4 or 8/16. That’d be awesome.


3 responses to “#’s

  1. Bonjour! I’m albapijuan. I’m an architect from Barcelona, now living in Brussels (Belgium). At the moment, I’m working on a blog about house numbers (you can check it here: http://thenumberhouseproject.wordpress.com/). I was wondering if I can add the pictures you just post in my blog: I’m making a recollection of house-number from Brussels, but some people is sending me pict of other cities and I think the ones you just posted are quite special!

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