When I was In Cincinnati, I rounded the corner and spotted this beautiful ghost sign:1I was so in awe, I had to circle the block a second time so I could stop and take pictures. I got more detailed shots the second time around:

2I love this crazy dual drop shadow that’s going on:3But, of course, it was the the attention to detail that got me. The change from all caps sans serif to upper/lower script for the word Call that I just fell in love with:4Not to mention those numbers…they’re pretty awesome too.


One response to “overwh(elm)ed

  1. The crazy thing about the building that the ghost sign is on is that all the metalwork is different — it took me a while to figure out that it must have been a self-promotional thing for Elm Industries, almost like a physical portfolio or capabilities brochure, showing off what the company could create.

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