A is for Awesome

pairSo, I was in Nashville, TN on a business trip a few weeks ago and spotted C&C while driving to the office. The picture below was what I saw while I was sitting at the red light By the time I got my camera out and positioned, the light turned green (of course). If anyone gives me trouble for holding up traffic to take this picture at a green light, you are no longer my best friend:1See the C&C to the left of that tall building? No? Here’s another shot as I got closer:
2I may have taken a slight detour to get this shot, but that’s ok. Well worth it:3While in Sioux Falls, I was lucky enough to be driven around by the very sweet Marisa TenBrink. I was able to take a bunch of pictures of really great #southdakotatype. When I saw this, I thought of C&C in Nashville:4A is for Awesome:


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