⌗tile typography⌗

Today’s post is a collection of pictures of typography using tile that I have found and a few that have been shared with me. What I love about tile typography is how much character is evoked just from how the tile is set…and of course the way punctuation is handled. Enjoy!
Cincinnati, OH:1 cincinnati
5Cleveland, OH:6 clevelandOrlando, FL:7 orlando
8San Antonio, TX:9 san antonio
10This is on the floor at the entrance to Schilo’s:
12This is hanging over the door:
13This is the sign in front of the store:
14Sioux Falls, SD:
15 sioux falls
19Thanks to my buddy Mårten Thavenius for sharing this picture he took in Prague, Czech Republic: 20 Marten Thavenius st tile prague czech republicThanks to Shauna Panczyszyn for sharing these next two pictures. This one is taken in Naples, Italy:21 shauna panczyszyn HAVE naples italyAnd this one is taken in Rome, Italy:
22 shauna panczyszyn rome italy tile in floorSee any tile typography in your city? Take a picture and tweet it to me @nikki_vz!

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