manhole monday: patterns

pairIt’s Monday! The manhole kind! Here are two examples where the patterns alone got my attention. Big thanks to my friend Kevin Rej for looking down and spotting where grease gets trapped (ew). The pattern on this cover looks like fish scales to me. So neat! While I was in Sioux Falls 2 weeks ago, I was really looking out for manholes that had the city name or some reference to the region of the country I was in. I was very surprised that I wasn’t able to find ANY. I spotted this one peeking out from under a mat at the entrance of a restaurant. Weird place for one but I moved the mat and snapped the picture. Could have sworn it said Sioux Falls but nope. It says Sioux City, Iowa which is a short 1 hour and 2o minute drive away. This is my favorite part of the cover:

detailHave you been looking down? Tweet me what you see: @nikki_vz

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