I would like to apologize in advance if today’s post makes you want a slice (or two) of pizza. I’ve gathered the pictures I have advertising different pizza joints and thought they looked interesting in one post. Thinks to my friend Sally Calongne for sharing her pictures that she took in Baton Rouge (Geaux Tigers!).

Baton Rouge, LA:
Sally Calongne 1 Baton Rouge

Sally Calongne 2 Baton RougeWooster, OH
7 woosterPittsburgh, PA:
1 pittsburghHere’s a close up that awning in the picture above. Why is ‘pizza’ missing? Why the change in font? Why the wrong apostrophe? Why? Why? Why?
1 aAkron, OH:
6 akronOMG so freakin’ cute. Look how fast he is running to deliver the hot pizza:
6bThe color of pepperoni!
6c Apparently the pizza at Chip’s is wearing fish nets but the chicken is READY.TO.GO. Like, for real. If that C is any indication, you will get it yesterday!
5 akronIs it me, or is something up with Rosa’s face?
4 akron
4a Awesome stainless steel hollow letters:3 akronCleveland, OH:
I love the character of this hand lettering.
2See any neat pizza signs in your city? Take a picture and tweet it to me @nikki_vz to be featured in an upcoming post.


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