pairI’m always amazed when I see letters set on glass. Make them golden and I’m blown away. I came across this skateboard shop in Richmond and was in awe at how beautiful the letters shimmered in the sunlight. It’s like a gift from up above. Here’s a close up:1I was in Orlando last week for one of my speaking engagements. I can honestly say I was (and still am!) in a fog the day after when I walked passed this bar. A fog for several reasons:

1. I live in Ohio. It snows here a lot. It was snowing/sleeting when I left. When I landed in Orlando, just 2 short hours later, it was sunny and warm. My body was confused.

2. I’m always super nervous pumped for my presentations so the day after I’m always happy I survived get to walk around.

But probably the best reason:

3. After my talk, I found myself with a bunch of AIGA Orlando board members and attendees at a bar. We sat around a (tiny) table and had the most awesome discussion about typography. One of those discussions that you can only have with people who love typography as much as you. What felt like minutes was actually hours and could have easily continued on if the disinfectant spray hadn’t come out by the bartender. Our signal that we need to wrap it up. That conversation was the highlight of my trip and truly left me feeling buzzed on type. Thanks to all the awesome people who took part in that discussion…

2…it was golden.


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