beautiful typography on graves

pairIt’s no secret that I love the typography found on graves. The older the better. There is a graveyard a few blocks from where I live. One afternoon, I took a stroll and came across the beautiful script for Mr. Post. I think it’s just stunning. While I was in Fredericksburg, I had the opportunity to walk around the downtown area. I walked past St. George’s Episcopal Church and this small graveyard was right next door. I was amazed at how old the graves were and how beautiful the typography was. Here are some close ups from both graveyards.

Cuyahoga Falls:IMG_1551I love the B marker and the ampersand. Close ups of both:
IMG_1550 The graveyard in Fredericksburg:
IMG_2723-2Not sure what’s going on with Jame(s)? Here’s a close up:
IMG_2728And then this happened. I have NEVER seen this before. I can’t imagine the family was happy with this outcome but what can you do? A period after Patterson means the W should be capitalized, right?! And look at died!
IMG_2729Here’s a close up of the craziness:

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