stainless steel letters

pair3I have always been a huge fan of stainless steel typography. I think they always make the letters, no matter the typeface, look so elegant. Today’s pairing is no exception. Big thanks to my friend Mårten Thavenius for sharing his picture taken in Bordeaux, France. This is one of my favorite pictures that he has taken. I have never seen anything like this before. I have so many questions. Is that even a typeface? Is that all one piece of metal? Is that r on drugs?! I can only imagine what kinds of things this store sells. Irrelevant side note: I’m in the process of teaching my son how to tie his shoes. It looks like those two f’s could help me out! I have never seen f’s so perfectly tied.

Ok, back to reality where letters can’t help me tie shoes.

I took the picture in Columbus because I rarely come across 3D letters suspended in the air like this. I think the typeface is such a beautiful choice and I love the way the letters are placed. Here’s a close up:



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