taco truck awesomeness

This is a taco truck in San Antonio:

1It was parked in front of an art gallery at lunch time. The other side was open so you can walk up and order food. There were about 25 people waiting in line and more walking towards it. Of course I was the lone person standing in the middle of the street on THIS side of the taco truck…because, let’s be honest, look at the illustrations!
2…and look at his toes:
3A drink that looks like a pizza that’s bigger than a cactus? Sure, why not?! Since all essence of reality is now gone, let’s send it over the edge with a taco dancing wearing cowboy boots (I’d be dancing too if I lived under hand lettering as beautiful as this):
4omggg with his boots! Hands down my favorite illustration ever:
5I need the weekend to recover from the awesomeness of this illustration. Back at it on Monday!


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