typographic dessert

pairHow delicious do these signs look?! B&K Root Beer is a drive-in style restaurant about 5 minutes from where I live. In addition to their burgers, they are famous for their floats. But who cares about food when the sign looks like this?!
I was in Fredericksburg, VA for a business trip this past week and drove by Carl’s on the way to our meeting. You can imagine the words my co-workers heard as we passed by and I looked longingly at this sign. We had a break in between meetings so I walked to snap pics of this gem. What a beauty:
1I’m kinda pissed at that half-ass apostrophe, but that’s ok. The pic below is taken from across the street, directly in front of the building. I love the hand carved words above the windows:2Detail (Look at that k! Someone needs to lay off the sugar!):3Directly under the window in the above picture is their menu:


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