street signs

pairI have found with my blog that it is hard to nail a typographic cultural influence with every single post. I choose to post 5 days a week because I love seeing pictures taken in different landscapes paired side by side. I am aware that some of my pairings are lacking in cultural influences so I try to make up for it by posting similar topics (ex. ghost signs, hand painted lettering, etc.). Today’s post however is a perfect example of how cultural influences affect typographic choices. Big thanks to Margot Swift for sharing her picture taken in Madrid. These streets signs, while probably mundane to the people who live there, I find absolutely beautiful. The materials, the way they are mounted, the colors, the change in typeface, even the way No is handled on the last line in the bottom sign.

This is what I’m used to seeing. I’m guilty of seeing signs like these everyday but not really ‘seeing’ them. When I force myself to look at it for the typography instead of navigation, I see just as much beauty. Do you?


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