pairHere are two music signs that I came across within weeks of each other. I was in downtown Akron a couple of weeks ago and spotted this sign. While this sign isn’t a crazy typographic masterpiece, the bright red 3D letters totally caught my eye. I love the way they are mounted:1And of course, the apostrophe (although some could argue that it’s a comma):2When I was in San Antonio I came across this and gem and it’s one of my favorite finds from my trip there. My new friend Vanessa was driving me around the city and I’m pretty sure I gave her heart failure when I spotted this, which then of course led to me awkwardly leaning across her lap to snap pictures. Thanks Vanessa!3Here are some close ups:4
5As you can tell, the drive by pics were going to cut it for me. I had to get out and walk around and experience this building. It’s just too awesome:
8Poor O. Ouch!9
10As if all of these signs weren’t enough, this was on the other side of the building:11
13I think it’s safe to say that the Alamo Music Center is a typographic masterpiece. It has a little bit of everything all rolled up into one building: free standing 3D letters, a vertical neon sign, a horizontal neon sign, a blinking arrow, hand painted lettering on glass and hand painted lettering with illustrations on brick. THAT is what I call a typographic masterpiece.


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