wooden letters

pairToday’s pairing are two examples of wooden letters that caught my eye. The Village Idiot is a pizza/bar located in the 5 points area of Columbia, SC. This picture is on the door at the entrance of the restaurant. I’m not going to comment on that face/g situation (is the g a nose ring?!) for fear that that idiot is going to come and get me but I will say that this sign is full of crazy details including that impressive ampersand. Here is a shot of the sign from the top of the building (this idiot looks even scarier):1Detailed shot (ampersand not quite as impressive):2Sign hanging above the door (thankfully, the scary idiot is gone and the type treatment has become even less interesting):3
The back of Jaco’s faces the highway here in Akron and I pass it often always wanting to pull over and take pictures of the beautiful letters. So, one day I did. Same color scheme as The Village Idiot but a much different type treatment:4Awesome apostrophe detail:5So awesome that I had to have a super close encounter:6This is the sign in the front of the building by the street:7Love how the F is standing in for the E and that poor N.


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