san antonio convention center

For my 1ne post today, I’m going with the Convention Center in San Antonio. I was walking around downtown and happened upon this building and thought it looked interesting. I had no idea what it was but it looked important:1 As I got closer, I noticed this awesome hand painted lettering above those vertical concrete columns (that y is totally lounging in the sun!):
Then this at the end of the parking garage (hello arrows!):
3Interesting color choices and decorative element for public parking:
4This is the side of the Convention Center. Look at the shadows! I thought this was so neat and a total cultural design element:
5Shadow detail:
6As I walked around to the other side, I spotted this (bummed with the crazy sunny glare, but thankful it wasn’t raining):
7Mural detail:
8At the front was the Patio of States:
9Couldn’t resist a close up of the letters:
10Where I’m from:11Where I went to school (GEAUX Tigers!):12Where I live now:13Where I was:14It’s the weekend! Back at it on Monday!


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