the pig and the peanut

pairSigns like these just make me happy. No two ways about it. I literally look at them and smile. Thanks to Susan Pratt for sharing her picture taken in Wheaton, IL. It’s nice to see a pig directing guests to a restaurant that isn’t all about BBQ. He’s adorable with his little hat and shoes. Throw in some awesome colors and weathered typography and that sign is solid gold. Not to be outdone is Mr. Peanut in Columbus, OH. He’s in full on ‘don’t mess with me’ mode with his top hat and cane. Looking at these pictures side by side it looks like the pig is trying to persuade Mr. Peanut to do something…scandalous…and Mr. Peanut is putting his foot down and saying ‘hell no’.close upSee any signs like these in your city? They are getting harder and harder to find as new business take over. If you happen upon one, take a picture and tweet it to me @nikki_vz to be featured in an upcoming post!


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