pairI love today’s pairing. Two very different takes on where mail should go. Big thanks to Nick Elsden for sharing his awesome picture taken in London. I’m not sure what kind of establishment this is, all I know is that letters are <— that way. Instead of painting a random green square on top of the bricks, the artist got creative and painted one brick green and hand painted the word with a killer arrow (seriously, look how sharp that is!) underneath to direct traffic.

In stark contrast is the picture Mårten Thavenius took in Florence, Italy. While this was also done by hand, it obviously has a much different vibe. In Nick’s picture, I imagine a young guy listening to music (way too loud) on his headphones with a messenger bag strapped across his chest making the daily mail delivery. He is randomly directed where to go by the hand painted lettering. In Mårten’s picture, I imagine a very important person with an official role delivering the mail. It is serious business. There is no messing around. This is where it goes and it is delivered here at the same exact moment every day. Like clockwork.

That’s what I see when I look at letters.

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