manhole monday: telephone

pairIt’s Monday! Which means manholes are involved!
A few months ago, my dad traveled to Lebanon, the country he’s from, to do some business. When I saw him over the holidays he showed me the pictures he took from his trip. I was expecting the typical landscape pictures that he usually has taken. When we started flipping through them, I was shocked to see that not only did he take pictures of the environment there, he took pictures he knew I’d like (thanks dad!). This picture is my favorite. My dad is a retired electrical engineer and it’s pretty safe to say he still doesn’t know exactly what it is that I do for a living. Especially with this blog. So the fact that he not only took pictures of different typographic signs that he thought I’d like, but took this picture of a manhole cover, really means a lot to me. Maybe he DOES get it?!

Here’s a close up of the arabic script and the phone:

close up

I won’t mention that he didn’t know he had to charge the camera after each day so there are only pictures from day 1 of his 13 day trip (omg). I also won’t mention that there was a smudge on the camera lens right IN THE MIDDLE that affected EVERY picture that he took. I’m focusing on the effort (hi dad!).

So, I’m pairing the picture my dad took with a picture I took in downtown Akron. It’s a groovy looking cover with an intricate design for Bell South, an American telephone company. I took it because I was surprised to see Bell South in the Midwest. I’ve always loved their covers.